Our firm

Founded to help good people achieve financial stability

We are Americans representing Americans. Every one of us in this great nation deserves a chance to live a life of dignity, financial independence and freedom.

CLG was established with a single, driving purpose: help average Americans get out of financial trouble and on track to stability. We provide individuals in all 50 states with expert assistance in debt validation and litigation services, and deal directly with creditors, collection agencies, and parties to legal disputes. With every client, and on every case, we strive for the best possible outcome in the shortest period of time.


Integrity, accountability, and affordability.

Our business model is as simple as it is effective: Listen to our clients carefully, respect their individual circumstances, and uphold the values of professionalism, ethical behavior, and accessibility for everyone.

CLG lawyers adhere to all applicable regulatory requirements and act in accordance with the highest ethical standards. In an industry known for using pressure tactics and misleading clients about results, we pride ourselves on our commitment to honest assessments and transparent interactions—with our clients, their creditors, and all parties to their legal disputes.

Unlike large and impersonal firms in which cases may be passed between employees, we provide our clients with a single and accessible point of contact for all questions, concerns, and updates. Moreover, our lawyers are proactive in their communications, consulting with our clients every time there’s a financial or legal development.

Finally, we believe that all Americans should have the opportunity to reduce, manage, and settle their debts with dignity and quality professional advice, regardless of their financial circumstances. That’s why, along with a free and confidential phone consultation, we offer highly competitive billing rates for our services.