Civil Litigation

When you become involved in a legal dispute, you need an advocate to fight for the best possible outcome.

Whether through arbitration, mediation, or trials that go to court, a skilled litigator is the key to securing monetary compensation and other damages.

Pro Se or represented?

Civil litigation aims to resolve disputes over money or an injury to personal rights, and involve such areas as medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, worker’s compensation claims, and family law, including court custody cases and matters related to child support. Our litigators also handle disputes between landlords and tenants and individuals and credit card companies. We successfully represent both defendants or plaintiffs before judges, juries, and arbitrators, and strive foremost to obtain favorable outcomes without expensive and exhausting delays.

What We Do

Our civil litigation lawyers offer a full suite of services, from the personal interview through to drafting formal claims and complaints, conducting depositions and drafting motions. By assessing the evidence thoroughly, our litigators recommend the best trial strategy for each case, including mediation and negotiation to settle out of court. We take care to explain the steps of each process in detail, so you can make informed decisions from your legal options. Most of all, we fight right by your side to secure the damages and obtain the resolution you need to go on with your life.

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