Real-estate Litigation

If a business dispute can’t be resolved through negotiations, commercial litigation can protect your company.

When one party to a dispute is a business entity, the issues involved can be highly complex and require specialized expertise.

For commercial entities engaged in a legal dispute, the consequences can be tremendously costly, and not merely financially. Litigation can distract from the running of your business and negatively affect the morale of employees. Companies may also suffer a hit to their reputations, which only worsens when resolutions take a long time to reach.
To reduce the risk of lasting damage, bringing matters to a quick and efficient close is key. This can be difficult, however, when it comes to commercial litigation, which often involves multiple legal issues and requires the review of extensive evidence.

Developing a sound legal strategy to insure a favorable outcome

Our seasoned commercial litigators handle every type of dispute that may arise in the business context, from breach of contract and abuse of trust, defamations, fraud, and non-compete violations, to joint ventures/partnerships and intellectual property disputes.
To ensure your interests are optimally protected, we put to work strategies and expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for you business.

Settling out of court

Our lawyers are experienced in alternative resolution methods designed to avoid large-scale litigation in court. After hearing the particulars of your case, we may recommend a course of action—whether mediation, arbitration, or litigation in state or federal courts—that will minimize disruption and resolve your dispute quickly.