Case Studies

Lydia’s Story

Phoenix, AZ

Lydia suffered a work-related injury that resulted in her having to go through several surgeries. During the time of her enrollment at CLG, her financial situation worsened because her vehicle had major breakdowns. Lydia was enrolled on 7/28/22 and had 4 debts (including medical bills and credit card charges for auto repairs) enrolled for a total of over $10,000.

CLG’s Work

As soon as the client was enrolled:

  • CLG sent out Credit Bureau Dispute Letters to her original creditor and found some results that they were able to leverage to build her case for invalidation.
  • Our legal team worked diligently to advocate for the client when she received a summons in the middle of her program for ONE debt which made up over half the amount of her total debt enrolled.
  • A CLG attorney reviewed the Summons and determined the next steps were to champion the client in court emphasizing her case based on her dire hardships.

A Life Changed

  • During her enrollment at CLG, the client was receiving social security benefits as her only form of income. This required her to use 90% of that income towards paying her outstanding debt balance (including heightened interest rates.)
  • CLGs’ legal team fought adamantly to get the case dismissed without prejudice (meaning that her original creditors, in the future, cannot collect on this debt).
  • The case was successfully dismissed.
  • We informed the client of the very successful results. The client was extremely satisfied with the results as well as grateful for the program.

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