Case Studies

Melissa’s Story

Cincinnati, OH

Melissa accrued thousands of dollars in medical debt. She was unsure of how to go about handling them before she enrolled in CLGs’ program. Several debts included a co-applicant.

CLG’s Work

  • The Legal team reached out for the necessary paperwork and evidence to attempt to validate her debts.
  • The paperwork that was received was not sufficient enough to meet the Federal requirements necessary to collect the debt. When the paperwork was reviewed again, it was noted that the account number for the debt was not found in the paperwork. CLG requested the proper paperwork for a second time from the Original Creditor.
  • The Original Creditor responded that the debt was unable to be found, therefore “canceled.” They are required to report to the three main Credit Bureaus, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian to remove all records of the debt.
  • CLG was able to get this individual debt removed for the client. It was a successful invalidation of the debt due to the Original Creditor not being able to provide the necessary information in order to validate the debt.

CLG’s Work

  • We informed the client of the successful results. Their debts were an incredible burden on them financially and emotionally.
  • CLG unenrolled the individual debt out of our program as there was no service necessary moving forward. The clients monthly payments decreased as a result of the debt being resolved.

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