Case Studies

Corbin’s Story

Virginia Beach, VA

Corbin, a veteran, receives pension as his sole income. He has 3 types of debt enrolled in our program, medical bills and credit card debt to pay for his familys’ monthly needs. The client conveyed his hardship to the CLG team during the time of enrollment with court-ordered garnishments, which had been neglected prior to his time at CLG.

CLG’s Work

  • The team reached out to the other parties involved: the original creditor and the opposing counsel to clarify that the client owed an outstanding balance. He owed $11,000 and the proposed amount for the garnishment would remove 25% of the client’s paycheck. The national average is 9%.
  • Our CLG attorneys successfully negotiated and prevented the garnishment on his income. Attorney consistently spoke directly with the client to update them of our efforts as well as seeking necessary information to reach an ideal outcome.
  • As a result, the clients’ wages were prevented from being garnished. They reached an agreement with the creditor for a manageable payment plan. In addition, the original amount that was owed was reduced to half by the attorneys.
  • The settlement agreement was happily signed by the client on 7/14/23.
  • We informed the client of the results. The client was overjoyed that the garnishment was fought off and settled for half of the original amount. CLG was pleased to be able to save the client $400 a month especially given his income restrictions. Instead the client will be paying half over an agreed upon span of time. In regards to his other debts enrolled, he trusts the CLG process and attorneys to invalidate them both expediently and successfully.

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